My WishList 2012 !!!. ^_^

1- Perbaiki diri to be a better Muslimah…(i’m trying now)…MOST IMPORTANT sy nak dapatkan kemanisan cinta dari ALLAH S.W.T..

2-Habiskan study as student then graduated (CONVOCATION) yay3….INSYALLAH….(Pray 4 me ya)

3-Find a job before get posting as a teacher…(cari duit bnyk3..)

4-Nak tukar lappy baru coz lappy lame dah nazak sngt3..huhu..

5-Improve my baking skills as i will be free after finished study at USM..

# no 1 is the most important for me in my life coz ia sebagai bekalan utk di akhirat nanti…sy nk sesangat cinta dari Allah, selagi sy x rase kemanisan cinta dari Allah selagitu sy xakan terhegeh-hegeh utk cari cinta dari seorang insan…:)


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